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Stuart Hall Memorial

“Identities are the names we give to the different ways we are positioned by, and position ourselves within the narratives of the past.”

- Professor Stuart Hall

'Refracted Prisms'

For the re-naming of the Professor Stuart Hall Building Refracted Prisms creates an ever changing, intangible and dynamic light. Located overhead in the entrance canopy of the building, a system of prisms has been installed into an existing aperture within the structure, projecting an array of refracted light on the ground beneath.

Working in collaboration with two other designers Hannah Fasching and Liberty Dent

This specially commissioned by Goldsmiths, University of London, the memorial takes direct influence from Professor Hall's collaborative work on movements of change and progression. The collaboration between the light and space creates a unique environment that engages people as they move through the space.

The prisms work collectively to both receive and project light through the canopy aperture, taking white light and transforming it into shifting clusters of refracted light beneath. This creates a space that is intangible and ephemeral. Existing without being present, the permanent memorial sits within the existing structure of the building, becoming part of the fabric of the existing environment. .

"Culture comes into play at precisely the point where biological individuals become subjects, and that what lies between the two is not some automatically constitued 'natural' process of socialization but much more complex processes of fromation."

- Professor Stuart Hall