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Place / Ladywell

Consultation space to engage local people in Ladywell, Lewisham

Commissioned by Studio Raw and Lewisham Council

The aim of this interactive space was to create an environment that would allow the council to engage with the public on a one to one level. It was also a space to visually show the local peoples opinions about the future social housing development on the interactive graphic panels.

The site was designed in a way that allowed members of the public to interact with each panel on the site. It is situated close to a busy intersection of road with a near by bus stop. The intention was to attract the attention of local passers by and to engage with their opinions, thoughts and ideas of how they would like the ground floor levels of the new development to be used within their community. The concept for the design was to be temporary, modular and changeable, reflecting the pre-fabricated flat pack building which will inhabit the site in the months too come.

Sticking to a simple pallet we wanted the materials to reference the type of materials you would find on any building site. Our aim was to achieve simplicity of use by designing a pine baton grid system for the existing hoarding, this then acted as our frame work, enabling us to directly fix our interactive graphic panels onto.

As well as stacking stools, modular desks and re-appropriated benches the design throughout was interchangeable, including the interior of the 10ft shipping container coffee shop.
The coffee shop hosts modular shelving which allows the vender flexibility in such a small space. Split batons run throughout the hoarding and furniture which allows shelves and boxes to attach and to move and switch when necessary.

In collaboration with Sophie Hardcastle and Jeff Lambert